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Ever heard of the Gravity Falls dating sim? Did the ending leave you feeling just a little unsatisfied? Us too.

This is a fanmade extension (Stan route) of the Gravity Falls Swooning Over Stans Dating Sim by TheFlipsideRunes and DifferentDucktectiveWasteland on Tumblr, using the same code, sprites, and backdrops from the original creators. (So all art credit goes to them!) 

Original Ending Guitar Music ("Chasing You Down") by DifferentDucktectiveWasteland. [copyright 2021]


GrunkleDatingSimNewEnding-1.1.1-pc.zip 420 MB
GrunkleDatingSimNewEnding-1.1.1-mac.zip 386 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip file, unzip it, and open it up to play!


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Does anyone know how to find it in Spanish? :(

We haven't had the chance to make a version in Spanish! None of us creators speak it, so the best we could do is try to run it through Google Translate if you'd like! 

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I really like the ending but I still felt emotional after that...:'(  just watched the series last year and I think I'm attached to it. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this ending tho 

I know exactly how you feel. I hope it at least cheered you up a little :) <3

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the instrumental song that plays (right after i click the choice to stay with stan) has been tugging my heart for days and I think it's one of the reasons why I felt so emotional with the new  ending. i coudn't find it on youtube tho☹

Would you like to have a Youtube version? :)

badly :'( i still want to listen to it

:) Hope you like it!

this was so cute, i almost cried :,,,(

Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it :)

ugh it keeps saying when i try to download that it cant ''read the build'' 

Sorry about the trouble downloading! :( 

We're working on creating a version that should hopefully run in the browser. If things go smoothly, it should be ready within the next day or two. :)

We have the Ford version created as a web project, and the Stan one is coming soon!

This is pretty cool! I definitely could've used an ending where the player (aka moi) changes their mind and or gets help with changing their mind. This is a nice addition!


Thank you! We thought this was what the players deserved.